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Flow-through system with Siliphos H10A 1"


Product detailed description

Flow system with Siliphos H10A, connection dimension 1"

Streamers with Siliphos H10A are used for the treatment of drinking water. Siliphos prevents scaling and rusting which increase energy consumption for heating water. The ultimate effect of using Siliphos is a significant reduction in energy costs.

The H10 kit is supplied in a cardboard box along with a mounting wrench, wall mounting bracket and a container with 750g of Siliphos. The container with 750 g of Siliphos can be purchased separately.This device is suitable for family homes of up to 6 people.

Basic characteristics:

The Siliphos flow-through device is a versatile and economical solution that prevents scale and corrosion in drinking water distribution systems and prevents scale formation in hot water installations as well as and in all water heating in apartments and houses.

Siliphos flow equipment has also been successfully applied in hotels, guest houses, restaurants, fitness centers, shopping malls, apartment buildings, food processing and other manufacturing plants. The application of Siliphos is wherever the water is hard or very soft.

Technical solution design for Siliphos:

Siliphos flow devices can be installed on any water system and do not need electric current. Installation and refilling is absolutely easy.

Siliphos is a special product, manufactured in Germany and used for more than 35 years throughout Europe. It has the approval of sanitary authorities in all EU countries for its use for drinking water.

The use of Siliphos is not softening, the water remains just as hard, therefore healthy. Hard water is healthier than soft water. Compared to softening, Siliphos is cheaper to procure and to operate.

Siliphos performs three functions:

- It forms a microfilm on the metal surface of piping, heating elements and coils, nozzles, metering and control elements, faucets and sanitation mechanisms, which completely prevents scale and rusting.

- It will not allow calcium and magnesium dissolved in water to settle on metal and ceramic surfaces in the form of scale.

- Gradually removes old scale and rust deposits from metal surfaces.

The cost of acquisition is very quickly recouped as it will prevent the formation of scale or rust incrustations. Scale and rust in the first place significantly degrades heat transfer parameters and 30-40% more energy is used for the same amount of hot water than if scale and rust do not form. The lifetime of the energy equipment is extended. Further savings are seen in the saving of cleaning agents for taps and ceramic tiles.

A flow-through system in the main potable water supply will treat all equipment (water lines, faucets, instantaneous water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, kettles, irons, bathroom tiles, bathtubs, toilets, etc.).

The size of the instantaneous device depends on the water consumption. Since peak consumption is about 66% of the whole day's consumption and lasts for a maximum of 2 hours, it is necessary to size the flow-through facilities so that there is no shortage of water during peak demand. The maximum working pressure is 10 bar. The pressure loss will be minimal.

For a larger apartment in a block of flats, or for a small family house with a maximum of 4 inhabitants (maximum flow rate 500 l/hr), a flow-through device type H10A is suitable. It is a 10" high transparent plastic container with a transparent container in which 700 g of Siliphos is placed.The device will treat at least 250 m3 of water.

Additional parameters

Category: protection against limescale
Warranty: 2 roky
Weight: 0.1 kg

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