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HPW-BN collector for connection of HPW-SN,MN boiler sets

Code: HB1N
Type: HPW-BN collector for connection of boiler sets HPW-SN,MN 1 circuit, can also be used as extension
On stock (1 pc) | HB1N
Type: HPW-BN collector for connection of boiler sets HPW-SN,MN 2 circuits
On stock (8 pc) | HB2N
Type: HPW-BN collector for connection of boiler sets HPW-SN,MN 3 circuits
On stock (9 pc) | HB3N
Type: HPW-BN collector for connection of boiler sets HPW-SN,MN 4 circuits
On stock (2 pc) | HB4N
Type: HPW-BN collector for connection of boiler sets HPW-SN,MN 5 circuits
On stock (2 pc) | HB5N

Product detailed description

2 to 5 circuits:

  • power 60kW, at ∆t = 20K,
  • flow rate 2,6 m3/h
  • DN40 x 1,5
  • for boiler assemblies connection spacing 125 mm, 1" female thread
  • divider outlet 5/4"
    with overflow nut
  • EPP thermal insulation

1 circuit:

  • power 60kW, at ∆t = 20K,
  • flow rate 2,6 m3/h
  • DN40 x 1,5
  • for boiler assemblies connection spacing 125 mm, 1" female thread
  • manifold outlet 5/4" male thread with gasket
  • includes 2 x nipple

Additional parameters

Category: accessories for connection
Warranty: 2 roky
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