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BIASI is an Italian company with a strong presence in the world of heating and water heating. With more than 80 years of activity, BIASI is considered one of the leaders in the field of heating and water heating in Europe.

The history of BIASI began in 1938, when Vincenzo BIASI founded a small workshop for the production of metal components. Over the following years, the company gradually grew and began to specialize in the production of boilers and water heaters. With the development of technology and the growth of demand, the BIASI company gradually expanded its operations to the international level.

BIASI is characterized by its innovative approach to the development and production of heating systems. The company invests in research and development to offer energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for its customers. Their products include various types of gas, oil, wood and pellet boilers as well as water heaters and solar systems.

BIASI is also engaged in the field of intelligent control of heating systems. Their products are equipped with advanced controls and technologies that allow customers to optimize energy consumption and increase comfort in their homes or business premises. They try to create sustainable and energy-efficient solutions that reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The BIASI company has won the trust of customers with its reliability, quality and many years of experience in the heating industry. Their products are highly valued for their performance, economy and environmental friendliness. BIASI is a brand that provides comprehensive and reliable solutions for heating and water heating for various types of houses, commercial and industrial buildings.

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