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      • The filter can be:

        sorting principle, selection principle
        a device or substance that does not let something (but lets others)
        in chemistry and technology:
        a device for separating a certain part of a mixture, i.e. an instrument for filtration, see under filtration
        laboratory filter for short
        in physics: a device for absorbing some types of radiation, see filter (radiation)
        in electrical engineering: electrical filter for short
        in photography: photo filter for short
        in optics: optical filter for short
        in geology: a layer of matter permeable to surface water to lower layers, see filter (surface water)
        in the military: part of a protective mask, see filter (protective mask)
        in mining: a device preventing sand or other fine material from entering the well during rock drainage, see filter (mining)
        in air engineering: air filter for short
        water filter for short
        aquarium aid for water purification, see filter (aquaristics)
        in mathematics:
        custom filter for short
        dual ideal
        in computer science:
        a program that processes a passing data stream, see filter (computer science)
        methods for selecting data that can be accessed on the Internet, see filter (Internet)

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