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PE-HD is an abbreviation for high-density polyethylene (High-Density Polyethylene). It is a polymer from the polyethylene series, which is produced by polymerization of ethylene under high pressure and temperature. PE-HD is known for its high strength, chemical resistance and low moisture absorption.


Several important properties of PE-HD material include:

High strength: PE-HD has high tensile strength, which means it is able to withstand heavy loads and pull without deformation.

Chemical resistance: It is resistant to most chemicals, including acids, bases and solvents. This property makes it a suitable material for various chemical tanks, containers and pipes.

Low moisture absorption: PE-HD has a low ability to absorb moisture, making it a suitable material for applications where moisture resistance is required.

Low density: It is a relatively light material with a low density, which means it is easy to process and handle.

Good thermal and electrical insulation: It is a good insulator against heat and electricity.

Resistance to low temperatures: PE-HD is resistant to low temperatures, which means that it maintains its strength and flexibility even at low temperatures.

Thanks to these properties, PE-HD is used in various industries, such as:

Packaging industry: Production of plastic packaging, containers, bottles, vials and other products.
Construction: Pipes, pipelines, containers, tanks and insulation.
Automotive industry: Plastic parts and components in vehicle interiors and exteriors.
Medicine: Plastic containers for storage and transport of pharmaceutical and medical products.
Due to its properties and wide use, PE-HD is an important material in industry and common life situations.

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