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PE-RT is an abbreviation for polyethylene with high density and increased resistance to heat (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance). It is a special type of polyethylene that has been developed for increased heat resistance and the ability to work at higher temperatures compared to common types of polyethylene.

The main features of PE-RT are:

High temperature resistance: PE-RT can be used at higher working temperatures compared to traditional PE. This allows it to be used in underfloor heating systems or heating systems with higher temperatures.

Flexibility: PE-RT is a relatively flexible material, which simplifies the installation and bending of pipes.

Low oxygen diffusion: PE-RT has a low oxygen diffusion, meaning it is less permeable to oxygen, minimizing the risk of corrosion or oxidation in hot water systems.

Chemical resistance: PE-RT is resistant to many chemicals and chemical influences.

Long life: Thanks to its properties, PE-RT has the potential for long life and resistance to aging.

Low Thermal Expansion: PE-RT has a low thermal expansion, meaning it expands minimally when heated.

PE-RT pipes are often used in floor heating systems, heating systems, but also in water installations. Their ability to work at higher temperatures makes PE-RT a suitable choice for places where there are higher requirements for thermal resistance and efficiency.

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