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85938 elektricka spirala 2 kw ku zasobnikom okc

Technical parameters: connection: 6/4" spiral length: 37 cm (38.5 cm including...

Poistný ventil AVANSA STS pre dochladzovaciu slučku (Typ Poistný ventil WATTS STS 20 pre dochladzovaciu slučku 3/4")

A ATMOS WATT STS 20* safety valve, connection size: 3/4" FF protects all types...

42476 akumulacna nadoba hpwb1000

Akumulačná nádoba HPWB1000 akumulačná nádoba pre uzavreté vykurovacie...

42479 akumulacna nadoba hpwb1500

Akumulačná nádoba HPWB1500 akumulačná nádoba pre uzavreté vykurovacie...

42482 akumulacna nadoba hpwb200

Akumulačná nádoba HPWB200 akumulačná nádoba pre uzavreté vykurovacie systémy8...

42488 akumulacna nadoba hpwb300

Akumulačná nádoba HPWB300 akumulačná nádoba pre uzavreté vykurovacie systémy8...

42494 akumulacna nadoba hpwb500

Akumulačná nádoba HPWB500 akumulačná nádoba pre uzavreté vykurovacie systémy8...

42497 akumulacna nadoba hpwb800

Akumulačná nádoba HPWB800   akumulačná nádoba pre uzavreté vykurovacie...


Accumulation Vessel

Buffer vessels, tanks, boilers for heating, heating to boilers

Buffer tanks are used to store hot water. They are used wherever the heat source is variable, e.g. for wood gasifying boilers or solar energy, or for heat pumps. Their advantage is that they can 'store' heat and then, when a heating demand arises, this heat is used for heating or DHW. A suitable source can be a solid fuel boiler, a heat pump, solar collectors, or a fireplace insert. Storage vessels are available in three variants. Type ZG from 850L to 3000L is just an ordinary heating water container. Type ZGI from 850L to 3000L with one heating exchanger and type ZGIB from 850L to 2200L with one exchanger and with 200L DHW tank. The insulation for the storage vessels is made of 100mm polyurethane foam covered with polyester fabric. The insulation is supplied separately and must also be ordered separately.

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