Wholesale e-shop

How we work

Placing an Order

It is possible to place the order by sending it to an email or through our e-shop, we are happy to provide you login details. Please contact us at phone number +421 905 729 483 or by e-mail chobotova@atria.sk.

Receiving an Order

After receiving the order or just your request for an order, we will inform you of the price of transport to your region, based on weight and volume. We will verify the price of transport at several transport companies (Geis, Schrenker and Dascher), then we will choose the most advantageous one for you and send it for your approval. In case of interest, you can arrange the transport by yourself.

Order Confirmation and Proforma Invoice

After confirming the price of transport, we will immediately send you a proforma invoice excluding VAT. The amount on the invoice will consist of the goods and the price of transport excluding VAT, provided you have (VAT ID).

Shipping an Order

After payment, we ship the goods to you and send the tracking number of the package. To find out where your parcel is, you can insert this number directly into the website of the shipping service that is handling the package (DB Schenker, Dachser, SPS). Delivery time is about 1 week, depending on the location. You can order the goods in any quantity and price. We deliver within the entire EU, EAA countries, and countries outside the EU, where the cost of customs duties will be added to the cost of transport.

XML feed of our products to your e-shop

If you are interested, we can provide you with an XML feed with all our products. A preview of the feed is located on this link. If this format suits your requirements, you can contact us.
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