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Payment terms

We offer several payment methods in our online shop.
Choose the payment method that suits you best and always add the information in the shopping cart under the payment method heading.
For further information, please refer to the contact details.

1. Transfer order (pre-invoice payment)
You can pay your order by bank transfer to the account that will be indicated in the pre-invoice that will be issued to you after the order has been sent. Once you have sent your order, you will also be shown the details necessary to make the payment, which you can print out. 
The original invoice will be sent to you upon delivery of the goods.
Please note: When transferring payment from abroad, all bank charges are the responsibility of the customer. 

2. Cash on delivery (payment directly to the courier)
You will pay for the ordered goods directly to the courier upon receipt and inspection.
The original invoice will be sent to you upon delivery of the goods.

3. Payment in cash directly to the driver from ATRIA.SK wholesale
This is almost the same method of payment as cash on delivery, but you pay directly to the driver when the goods are delivered to your location.
It is used for the delivery of goods that cannot be sent via a shipping company. 
When the goods are delivered, you will receive the original invoice with a receipt.


Issuing a pre-invoice.

For some orders of a higher amount for less reversible goods, a pre-invoice may be issued.

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