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A socket with a pipe

A socket with a pipe seal is a special type of connecting component that serves to connect two pipe parts or pipes with an emphasis on the tightness of the connection. This socket has an integrated seal, often in the form of a rubber ring or sealing material, which ensures a tight and secure connection between pipe segments without the need for additional sealing materials.

The main features and benefits of a duct seal socket include:

Tightness: An integrated seal in the socket ensures that the connection is tight and minimizes the possibility of liquid or gas leakage from the piping system. This is important for pipeline operation without loss of liquid or gas.

Easy Installation: A socket with gasket is usually easy to install without the need for special tools or sealing skills.

Dismantability: Connections with these sockets can be dismantled without much effort, which facilitates maintenance or pipe replacement.

Various Materials: Sealed sockets are available in a variety of materials, including plastics, metals and others, allowing the choice of material that is suitable for a particular application and type of piping environment.

Minimal need for additional sealing materials: Since these sockets have an integrated seal, there is no need to use additional sealing materials such as sealants or sealing tapes.

Sockets with gaskets are used in various applications where the tightness of the joints in the pipeline is important. This includes, for example, water and sewage systems, heating and cooling, industrial processes, the chemical industry, and many other industries where it is necessary to ensure that the pipe system works reliably and without leaks.

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