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Algorithms are sequences of precisely defined steps or instructions that serve to solve a certain problem or task. They are abstract concepts that are used in mathematics, computer science and engineering, but also in various other disciplines.

The main goal of algorithms is to systematically and repeatably achieve the desired output from a given input. Any algorithm must be well defined to be understandable and executable. An algorithm can contain various operations, such as conditions (if-then), cycles (repetition), and basic mathematical or logical operations.

An example of an algorithm can be a procedure that sorts numbers in a row from smallest to largest. In computer science, algorithms are a fundamental part of programming and are used to solve a wide range of tasks such as searching, sorting, data analysis, artificial intelligence and many others.

An important aspect of algorithms is their efficiency, i.e. the ability to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time and with minimal use of resources such as memory and computing power. There are many ways to analyze and compare algorithms to determine which one is best for a particular task.

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