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In the context of technical and engineering terms, "axial" refers to the direction of the axis, that is, that which is located in the direction of the axis of something. This term is used to describe the direction or arrangement of components, elements, or motion relative to a principal axis, which can be any horizontal or vertical axis.

For example:

Axial fan: A fan whose blades are arranged radially from the center and move air in the air system parallel to its axis. This is a frequently used type of fan in a variety of applications, including cooling and ventilation.
Axial component: Any component whose main part or purpose is oriented along an axis, whether for movement, energy redirection or other activity.
Axial motion: Movement or rotation about an axis.
Generally speaking, "axial" refers to direction or arrangement along a major axis, whether it is a physical object, movement, or other aspect.

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