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bimetallic thermostat

A bimetallic thermostat is a type of thermostat that is used to control temperature in various applications such as heating, cooling, or other thermal processes. This type of thermostat uses the principle of bimetallic plates or rods, which change their physical structure depending on the temperature and thus affect the opening or closing of the electrical contact.



The principle of operation of the bimetallic thermostat is as follows:

Double layer of material: The bimetallic thermostat contains two layers of different materials that have different thermal expansion coefficients. The two layers are welded or bonded together to form a single body that is sensitive to temperature changes.

Temperature change: When the ambient temperature changes, the two layers of material expand or contract differently due to their different thermal properties. This leads to the curvature of the bimetallic rod or plate.

Transfer of motion to the contact: The curvature of the bimetallic rod or plate is mechanically transferred to the contact connected to it. When a certain temperature is reached, the contact opens or closes, which changes the electrical circuit and affects, for example, the operation of heating or cooling.

Bimetal thermostats are often used in a number of applications, including home heating, air conditioning, refrigerators, hotplates and many others. They are easy to use and reliable in temperature regulation. Nowadays, however, they are increasingly being replaced by digital electronic thermostats, which provide more precise regulation and greater flexibility.

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