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Biomass is organic material that is created from plant or animal material and can be used to produce energy, heat or biofuels. This organic material can include different types of biomass, both plant material and animal waste. Biomass is considered a renewable energy source because plants and animals can be regenerated and grown or bred to produce additional biomass.


Biomass distribution:

Plant biomass: This biomass includes different types of plant material. This includes wood, wood pulp, grass, straw, cinnamon and other plant parts. Wood is the best known and most frequently used type of plant biomass.

Animal biomass: This biomass includes waste from animal production, such as manure, which can be used for biogas or biofuels.

Second-generation biomass: Second-generation biomass includes materials not directly intended for human consumption, such as wood pulp, grains or other plants. This biomass can be used to produce biofuels, biogas or electricity.

Biofuels: Biomass can be processed into biofuels such as biogas, biodiesel and biodiesel. These biofuels can be used to drive engines, heat or generate electricity.

Heating: Biomass is often used for heating and heat production in homes, industrial facilities and biomass power plants.

Electricity production: Biomass is burned in biomass power plants to produce electricity. This electrical energy can be distributed to electrical networks.

Biomass in the chemical industry: Some types of biomass are used for the production of chemicals, such as cellulose for the production of paper or lignin for the production of various chemicals.

The use of biomass is important in the pursuit of sustainable energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, because when burning biomass, only as much carbon dioxide (CO2) is released as the plant absorbed during its growth. This means that CO2 emissions are essentially balanced by CO2 absorption during biomass growth, minimizing the overall contribution to climate change.

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