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Carbon is used in super sports, luxury and racing cars (e.g. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Formula 1, etc.). It is also used in cosmonautics, aviation, for the production of high-end sports equipment, the production of yachts, etc. People often ask what carbon actually is and why it is mainly used in automobiles and aviation. Carbon (carbon fiber) is a super strong fabric that is used where high strength and low weight and possibly a hi-tech modern look are needed. In addition to industrial applications, due to its interesting design, it is also used in the production of jewelry and luxury brand accessories. Carbon has a very interesting strength-to-weight ratio. Carbon is stronger than steel but lighter than plastic. The best carbon is even 5 times stronger than steel. Precisely because carbon is so light, it is used in the production of cars, planes or ships. Low weight increases speed and reduces fuel consumption. Carbon also has other super properties. It is non-magnetic, chemically resistant, thermally insulating, resistant to corrosion, resistant to moisture and heat, and its super appearance and 3D effect of carbon fibers will give you a feeling of timeless luxury.


1/1 Plain carbon - indicates the type of weaving "canvas", which is characterized by a typical checkerboard structure (squares)
2/2 Twill carbon - refers to the type of "twill" weaving, which is characterized by a rectangular structure
Forged carbon fiber - this is a special type of carbon where the fibers are placed quite randomly and Lamborghini was the first to use this type

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