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CE certificate

The CE certificate indicates that the product meets the requirements of the European Union (EU) for safety, health, environmental protection and other aspects that apply to the given product. CE marking is mandatory for many products sold on the EU market.

CE certification is a process by which a manufacturer demonstrates the conformity of its product with all relevant EU directives and standards. The certificate confirms that the product has been tested and has met all the requirements for safety, health and environmental protection that apply to the given product category.

CE marking is often found on products as a small sticker or engraved letters "CE" together with the manufacturer's symbol. This mark allows control authorities and customers to identify that the product meets European standards and is legal for sale and use within the EU.

CE certification is mandatory for many product categories, including electronics, machinery, electrical engineering, building materials, medical equipment and many others. Without a CE certificate, these products are not allowed to be placed on the EU market.

It is important to note that the CE mark is not a guarantee of the product's quality, but only confirms its conformity with the established EU requirements. Therefore, it is important for consumers to consider other factors before purchasing a product, such as the manufacturer's rating, customer reviews, and other information about the product that could influence their decision.


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