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A compensator is a device or component used to compensate for thermal expansions and contractions in pipe networks that are caused by temperature changes. These temperature changes can lead to deformations and stresses in piping systems, which could cause pipes, joints and other components to burst.

Prírubový gumový kompenzátor- séria F8 - DN 125; L=142mm  BRA.F8.100

Expansion joints allow the piping system to move without damage or rupture. They are able to absorb thermal expansion or contraction without unnecessary stress on the pipe. Expansion joints are often found where pipes are connected to equipment that can be heated or cooled, such as boilers, heat exchangers, air conditioning units and more.

There are several different types of compensators that differ in their construction and use:

Compensating elbow: It is a flexible part that allows the pipe to move in the direction of the bend.

Rotary compensator: This type of compensator allows rotation between two pipes.

Universal compensator: It serves to absorb movement in different directions and at the same time allows rotation.

Compensating metal: This type of compensator is made of metal slats that can bend and absorb thermal expansion.

All these types of compensators have a common goal - to minimize the stresses in the pipeline and ensure its reliable and safe operating condition, especially under changing temperature conditions.

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