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COMPUTHERM is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of intelligent solutions for the management of heating, cooling and temperature regulation. It is based in Hungary and has a rich history and experience in the field of automation and control of thermal systems. It was founded in 1994 in the Hungarian city of Tatabánya, and since then it has become a leading manufacturer of intelligent solutions for the management of heating, cooling and temperature regulation.

Over the years, COMPUTHERM has developed into a leading player in the temperature management industry. With its ingenuity and quality products, it won the trust and recognition of customers not only on the domestic market, but also internationally.

COMPUTHERM focuses on the development and production of advanced thermostatic controllers, programmable thermostats, control units and other intelligent devices for heating and cooling. Their products are designed to provide comfort, energy savings and effective temperature control in homes, commercial buildings and industrial environments.

COMPUTHERM offers various types of thermostats and regulators that ensure accurate temperature measurement and control through various sensors and adjustable parameters. Programmable thermostats allow users to set the temperature according to specific schedules and preferences, which contributes to comfort and energy savings.

COMPUTHERM also specializes in the development and production of intelligent control units and systems that enable centralized control and monitoring of thermal systems. These systems often use modern technologies such as wireless connectivity, mobile apps and remote access, allowing users to control and monitor their heating from any location.

The company COMPUTHERM emphasizes the high quality of its products, reliability and ease of use. Their products are designed to be easy to install and integrate into existing heating systems. They are also adapted to different types of fuels, including electricity, gas, diesel and others.

COMPUTHERM has a wide network of distributors and partners around the world and their products are used and verified by thousands of customers. The company is constantly interested in new technologies and innovations in the field of temperature management and strives to offer solutions that improve comfort, energy savings and efficiency of thermal systems.

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