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A cantilever or cantilever beam can be:

in civil engineering (statics) and technical mechanics: a beam tightly woven into the supporting structure at one end and completely free at the other end, see cantilever beam (woven beam)
in (especially historical) architecture: a specific decorative (correct. stone) beam (supporting element), serving as a support for a balcony, cornices, plinth, etc., see console (decorative architecture) (cf. crakorec (console))
A console can also be:

a piece (usually metal and in the shape of an L or a horizontal bar) fixed at one end to a wall (etc.) which is intended to carry or hold objects, a type of support, see bracket (structure)
in milling: the supporting part of a cantilever milling machine that is attached to its table, see cantilever (milling machine)
in electrical engineering: a carrier that is attached, e.g. on a pole or mast and carries insulators, conductors, signals, etc., see bracket (conductors)
for curtains and drapes:
curtain rod support
rarely: curtain rod
in computer science:
in general: a device for basic control of a computer, electronic device, measuring instrument, etc., either a physical device (eg a monitor with a keyboard) or a PC program emulating such a device, see e.g. system console, control panel, and console (commands)
originally: control desk (or panel) of a mainframe computer consisting of a screen and a terminal
(any) input-output unit consisting of a monitor and a keyboard, video terminal, see video terminal
abbreviated: gaming console
in computer networks: a terminal or desktop computer used to monitor or control a network
user interface on any computer monitoring system, management system (eg network, disk, etc.) or control system, see console (user interface)
a window (or full-screen display) in which text commands are entered via the command line, see console (commands)
abbreviated in motoring: center console (panel with controls in the middle between the front seats of a car)
imprecise in economics: consola (a specific government bond, usually in the form of perpetuity, or perpetuity at all)

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