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Copeland is a major player in the field of refrigeration and refrigeration technology.

Name: Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions, a division of Copeland

Founded: Copeland was founded in 1921 in Sidney and Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Area of operation: Copeland is a leader in the development, production and distribution of refrigeration compressors and refrigeration technologies. Its products are used in a variety of applications, including industrial, commercial and domestic refrigeration systems.

Products and services:

Compressors: Copeland is best known for its refrigeration compressors that are used in a variety of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. These compressors have different performance classes and configurations that allow them to be adapted to different applications.

Control technologies: Copeland also offers control technologies and control systems that increase the efficiency and reliability of cooling systems.

Innovation and Development: Copeland is known for its innovation in refrigeration, including the development of reliable and efficient compressors that are optimized for different types of refrigeration applications.

Areas of use:

Home refrigeration: Copeland compressors are widely used in home refrigerators and freezers to maintain the correct temperature of food.

Commercial Refrigeration: In the field of commercial refrigeration, Copeland compressors are used in various applications such as refrigeration units, display cases, refrigerators and more.

Industrial Refrigeration: For industrial applications such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers and the like, Copeland compressors are used to maintain the appropriate temperature in refrigeration systems.

Innovation and sustainability: Copeland places great emphasis on innovation and sustainability. Its products are often designed with a view to reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment.

Global presence: Copeland is a global player with wide distribution and support in different countries. It has a strong presence in the industrial, commercial and domestic refrigeration and cooling technology sectors.

In summary, Copeland is a major manufacturer of refrigeration compressors and technologies with a wide reach on a global level. It is known for its innovations, quality products and adaptation to various cooling applications.

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