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When something is corrugated, it means that the surface or texture of that thing contains rows of enlarged or reduced protrusions, notches, or folds. These protrusions and notches are called corrugations.

Corrugated surfaces often have a wavy or bumpy appearance, and this can be either horizontally, vertically or a combination of both directions. This design is often used on different materials and products with different purposes. For example:

Corrugated cardboard or cardboard: Used to make packages, packaging and boxes, as the corrugated surface provides greater strength and resistance to pressure.

Corrugated sheets: They are often used for roofs, walls and covering of buildings. This type of surface provides strength, weather resistance and lightness.

Corrugated plastic pipes: Used for water lines, waste pipes and other pipes, because the corrugated surface increases the strength and flexibility of the pipe.

Corrugated metals: They are used in the production of containers, tanks, pipes and other products where strength and resistance to pressure and corrosion are required.

Corrugation can have different advantages depending on the application. Among the most important are increased strength and resistance to pressure, the ability to absorb shocks, increased flexibility and the ability to quickly drain water. It can also serve as a decorative element that adds an interesting visual effect to the design of various products and structures.

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