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Dakon boilers
The history of the Dakon company dates back to 1949. It was in this year that several operations from different periods were united together. Well, they work successfully so far. In 1965, they started producing hot air boilers up to 300W, three years later they increased to 500W. The experience began to have a positive effect on their products. At the beginning of the seventies, they already offered boilers for solid fuels, gas and also heating oils on the market. However, as befits a good company, Dakon expanded its offer. Today, they bring several types of boilers to the market.

The Dakon company became a partner of Bosh Termotechnika and ended the production and sale of hanging gas boilers. However, in the offer you will find a wide selection of classic and condensing gas boilers offered by Bosch Termotechnika.

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