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DEVIreg is a brand of thermostatic controllers that are designed to control electric heating systems, especially floor heating. These controllers allow users to precisely set and control the temperature in rooms or on the floor where an electric heating system is installed. DEVIreg is a popular brand in the field of electric heating and thermostats and offers a variety of models and functions that improve the efficiency and comfort of heating. Here are some features and functions that DEVIreg can offer:

Precise temperature setting: DEVIreg thermostats allow users to set the desired temperature in the room or on the floor where the heating system is installed. This makes it possible to achieve optimal comfort.

Time programming: Many models of DEVIreg thermostats support time programming, which allows you to set different temperatures at different times of the day or week. This is useful for saving energy and adapting the heating to the needs of the user.

Temperature sensors: DEVIreg thermostats are often supplied with temperature sensors that measure room or floor temperature and allow the controller to control heating systems based on current temperature conditions.

Compatibility with different types of heating: DEVIreg thermostats are designed to be compatible with different types of electric heating, including floor heating, wall and ceiling heating and other systems.

Ease of installation and use: DEVIreg thermostats are typically designed with ease of installation and use in mind, allowing users to effectively manage their heating systems.

DEVIreg is one of several brands that offer thermostatic controllers for electric heating systems. Its thermostats are often used in homes, commercial buildings and industrial applications to achieve accurate and efficient temperature control in rooms and surfaces where an electric heating system is installed.

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