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Digital Floating Code

Digital Floating Code (English Digital Floating Code) is a technology used in some security systems, especially in security systems for opening doors, gates or garage doors. This technology is often used with remote controls (so-called remote keys) for easy and safe control of access to various objects.

The digital floating code works by generating a new random code each time you use the remote control to open a door or gate or selected device. This random code is sent to the appropriate receiver in the security system. A new random code is generated each time, so the risk of eavesdropping and unauthorized access is minimized.

Advantages of digital floating code include:

Greater security: Each code is unique and valid only once, reducing the risk of someone being able to copy your code and gain unauthorized access.

Easy operation: For users, this system is very convenient and easy to use, as they do not need any additional knowledge or procedures.

Faster responses: Randomly generated codes allow fast and reliable communication between the remote control and the receiver, which means faster opening of the door or gate.

Digital floating code is widely used in modern security systems and provides a high level of security and convenience for users. This technology is constantly being improved to ensure protection against different types of threats and unauthorized access.

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