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Domestic waterworks

Domestic waterworks are often used to supply drinking or utility water to houses - cottages. They provide a connection to the water source, which is most often a bore or a well. The domestic water plant is suitable above all for households that have their own water source and want to use it efficiently. They increase the pressure in the pipes and also allow irrigation of gardens.


A home water plant can be used in various ways. Its basis is a powerful pump, which ensures efficient suction of water even from deeper wells. More expensive models have a suction height of up to 8 meters, while the transport height is often more than 40 meters. You can thus transport the liquid over longer distances without any problems. You can use the device not only for pumping groundwater, but also for pumping out precipitation.

The advantage of a home water plant is also the fact that it can be connected to domestic water distribution systems. So you don't have to use drinking water for flushing. The connection is really simple. All you have to do is place the supply in a well or rainwater tank. In turn, you connect the outlet to the appropriate pipe leading into the home. The pump can be powered from a classic 230 V household socket.

When choosing a home water plant, pay attention to several basic parameters. The power determining the maximum suction and the transport height is especially important. These data are necessary especially if you plan to draw water from a well and transport it over longer distances. The pressure that the pump can develop is also important. This will ensure that the water will be sprayed easily, which you will appreciate, for example, when watering the garden.

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