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Dry run

Dry running of pumps is a situation when the pump works without sufficient supply of the liquid it is supposed to pump. This means that the pump is running "on empty", which can cause serious problems and damage to the pump. This condition is undesirable and poses a risk to the operation and service life of the pump.

The risks associated with dry running of pumps are as follows:

Pump Overheating: When the pump does not have sufficient fluid supply, it can begin to overheat, which can lead to damage to the pump and its components.

Damage to mechanical parts: Dry running can cause wear and damage to pump mechanical parts such as bearings, seals and shafts.

Pumping interruption: When the pump is running on empty, it cannot pump any liquid, which can result in interruption of the supply of water or other pumpable substance.

Decreased life: Running dry can shorten the life of the pump and require more frequent maintenance and repairs.

In order to avoid dry running of the pumps, it is important to observe the following measures:

Fluid Level Monitoring: Periodically monitor the fluid level in the tank or reservoir into which the pump is mounted. Make sure the level is sufficient for the proper operation of the pump.

Use of a safety tank: In some applications, such as when pumping from a variable level tank, it is advisable to use a safety tank that maintains a minimum liquid level for safe pump operation.

Installing sensors: Use level or pressure sensors that monitor the fluid level and can automatically shut off the pump if it drops below a certain level.

Preventive maintenance: Regular maintenance of the pump is important to ensure its optimal operation. Inspect the pump and its components to identify potential problems early.

Pump Setup: Make sure the pump is properly setup and sized for the specific application. Incorrect setting can lead to dry running.

With thorough care, monitoring and correct settings, we can minimize the risk of running dry with pumps and ensure their reliable and efficient operation.

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