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"e-Gaz" is usually used to refer to an electronic system for the management and control of gas supply. It is a modern approach to the monitoring and management of gas supply, which uses technology and digital solutions to optimize the processes associated with the supply of gas to households, industry and other cities.

The main features of e-Gaz include:

Consumption monitoring: The electronic system allows you to monitor gas consumption in real time. This tracking can help identify and address potential leaks, misuse, or other issues.

Remote meter reading: Gas meters can be connected to a network that allows the gas provider to obtain consumption data remotely. This eliminates the need to read the meter in person and increases the accuracy of the data.

Control and management: The e-Gaz system allows both consumers and gas suppliers to control the gas supply via the Internet interface. Consumers can monitor their consumption, change settings and manage gas supply as needed.

Alerts and alarms: The system can generate alerts and alarms in case of deviations or problems with the gas supply. This can ensure quick resolution and minimize risk.

Optimizing consumption: Digital tools can help consumers identify trends in their consumption and suggest ways to optimize it and reduce costs.

Account management and invoicing: The electronic system allows you to conveniently manage accounts, invoicing and payments through online tools.

e-Gaz systems contribute to greater efficiency, safety and convenience in gas supply. Their use can be beneficial for consumers, for gas suppliers and also for the overall administration of gas distribution.

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