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The abbreviation EAN stands for "European Article Number" or "European Article Numbering", which is an international standard for identifying goods, services and other commercial items. EAN codes are commonly known as barcodes and are used for unambiguous identification of products and their traceability in stores and distribution networks.

The EAN code is a unique number assigned to each product or item. It consists of 13 digits, while the first 2 to 3 digits represent the codes of the country where the EAN number was assigned, the following 9 to 10 digits represent the numerical identifier of a specific manufacturer or distributor, and the last digit is a check digit to verify the correctness of the entire EAN code.

Thanks to EAN codes, stores can quickly and accurately identify products at checkout systems and manage inventory. They also help ensure the traceability of goods during distribution and delivery, which is especially important when managing large inventories and in areas where it is important to ensure the quality and safety of food and other commercial items.

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