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Elasticity is a physical property of a material that describes its ability to restore its original shape and size after external forces or deformations. A material is called elastic if it returns to its original form without permanent deformation or damage after removal of the external load.

The elastic behavior of materials is characteristic of a large group of substances, such as some metals, rubber, springs, glass and many others. At low load intensity, these materials behave elastically, which means that they can deform for a short time when overloaded, but return to their original form after the load is removed.

The degree of elasticity of the material is expressed using elastic moduli, which describe how the material reacts to the load. The two basic elastic moduli are:

Young's modulus (E): Expresses the ratio between stress and strain in a material. It indicates how the material is deformed under the influence of external stress.

Linear modulus of elasticity (G): Also called modulus of elasticity in shear. It expresses the ability of the material to resist deformation under shear stress.

Elasticity is an important property of materials in design and engineering applications, as it enables the creation of flexible and durable structures that retain their shape and function even under minor loads.

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