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Electric current

Electric current (name according to the Slovak SI translation; other names: electric current intensity, current intensity, current intensity, magnitude of (electric) current) is a physical quantity that expresses the amount of electric charge that passes through the cross-section of a conductor per unit of time. The direction of the electric current is divided into: 1. real and 2. agreed. The actual direction of the electric current is given from the '−' pole of the source to the '+' pole of the source. The agreed direction of the electric current is opposite.

  • Brand: I
    Basic unit: ampere, mark A
    Other units used: milliampere mA, microampere µA
  • Formula:{\displaystyle I={Q \over t}}, where Q is electric charge, t is time

{\displaystyle I={U \over R}}, where U is voltage and R is resistance

  • Measuring instruments: ammeter
    The electric current falling on an area is called the areal electric current density.
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