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electric meter

An electric meter, also known as an electricity meter, is a device used to measure and monitor electricity consumption. Its main task is to monitor the amount of electricity consumed by a household, business or other electrical installation.

There are several types of electricity meters that differ in their functions and applications:

Mechanical meter: This traditional type of meter uses rotating discs and mechanical devices to measure electricity consumption. Its output indicator is usually in the form of a digital readout on the reels.

Electronic electricity meter: This modern type of electricity meter uses electronic components and microprocessors to measure and process electricity consumption. It has a digital display that shows the consumption in kWh (kilowatt hours) or in other formats.

Smart electricity meter: These electricity meters are equipped with communication technology and enable two-way communication with the distribution network. In addition to measuring electricity consumption, they can also transmit consumption data, monitor the quality of the electricity network and receive commands for remote control of consumption.

Overloaded electricity meter: This type of electricity meter is used for measuring and invoicing electricity in case the consumption exceeds the maximum capacity of a normal electricity meter. Overloaded meters have a higher metering capacity and can be used in commercial or industrial environments.

Most electricity meters are capable of measuring active and reactive energy, as well as measuring current and voltage. Their accuracy is verified and certified according to international standards to ensure reliable measurement and management of electricity consumption.

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