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electro-hydraulic press

An electro-hydraulic press is a device that combines the advantages of electric motors and a hydraulic system to generate a large compression force. It is used to form, press or shape various materials, often metals, plastics, rubber and other materials that need a lot of force to deform or process.

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Operation of the electrohydraulic press:

Electric motor: An electro-hydraulic press contains an electric motor that drives a pump for pumping hydraulic oil. The electric motor provides high efficiency and precision in generating movement.

Hydraulic system: A pump pushes hydraulic oil through pipes and valves to a hydraulic cylinder or piston. In this way, pressure is created which is applied to the working tools or dies in the press chamber.

Working tools: The material to be pressed or shaped is placed in the pressing chamber. These materials can be of various shapes and sizes, such as sheets, plates, blocks, plastic molds and the like.

Control: The electro-hydraulic press is controlled using a control unit that allows you to set pressure, speed, timing and other pressing parameters. These parameters are important to achieve the desired pressing result.

Use of electro-hydraulic press: Electro-hydraulic presses are used in various industries, such as:

Metal industry: For forming metal sheets, creating automotive parts, welding and pressing.
Plastic industry: For the production of plastic products, injection molding, pressing of plastic sub-components.
Rubber industry: For the production of tires, sealing elements, rubber products and the like.
Furniture production: For pressing wood or other materials in furniture production.
Mechanical production: For various pressing and shaping tasks.
Electrohydraulic presses are important in industry because they provide high performance and flexibility that allow processing different types of materials and achieving the desired shape and functional properties of pr

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