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Extruded polypropylene (EPP) is a polymer material that is produced by extruding polypropylene plastic. Extrusion is a process in which a plastic material is pushed through a mold to obtain the desired shape and texture. EPP is specific in that it expands significantly during the extrusion process, meaning it expands and creates air voids in the material. This procedure leads to the creation of a light and strong material with good insulating and damping properties.

The use of extruded polypropylene (EPP) is diverse and includes:

Automotive industry: EPP is often used to produce automotive interior parts such as bumpers, protective covers, interior panels and hood mats. Its light weight and damping properties make EPP an ideal material for improving safety and reducing vibrations in vehicles.

Consumer goods: EPP is used to make packaging, protective cases for electronics, plastic furniture and other consumer products. Its resistance to impacts and water makes it a practical and durable material for various applications.

Sports equipment: EPP is used to make sports equipment such as bicycle helmets, ski helmets, protective pads and the like. Its ability to absorb shocks and dampen vibrations is very valuable in this context.

Industrial sector: EPP is used in industry for the production of insulating materials, protective packaging for vulnerable components and tools that require protection and security during storage or transport.

Construction: In the construction industry, EPP is used for the production of insulating panels, floor coverings, building boards and other materials that have insulating, heat-insulating and damping properties.

Other industries: EPP is also used in other industries, such as healthcare (e.g. surgical cases), packaging industry (protective packaging), electronics (transport packaging), and others.

Due to its properties such as low weight, high strength, impact resistance and good thermal insulation, extruded polypropylene (EPP) is an important material in several industrial fields.


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