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Fax, or telefax, is an electronic device and technology used to transmit written or printed documents between different locations via a telephone line. This technology was used to transfer printed textual and graphic information such as texts, images and other documents.


How the fax works:

Document Scanning: The faxing process begins with scanning a written or printed document onto a scanning device that converts the physical document into a digital format. This process converts text, images, and other information into a series of black-and-white or color dots (called pixels) that represent the original document.

Conversion to signal: After the scan is complete, the digital image is broken down into individual rows and columns of dots and converted into a series of electrical signals that can be transmitted over a telephone line. These signals represent the image and text of the document.

Transmission over the telephone line: The signals are then sent over the telephone line from one fax unit to another. These signals are analog, but are compressed and modified for efficient transmission over the telephone line.

Receiving on the other side: On the receiving end, there is a fax machine that receives these signals, converts them back to a digital image, and then prints the document on paper. This creates a physical copy of the document that is identical to the original.

Where fax was used:

Business communications: In the past, faxing was a common way of communication between companies, especially for sending invoices, orders and other documents.

Medical and Legal Fields: In fields such as medicine and law, fax has been used to send sensitive medical and legal documents.

Newspapers and Media: Newspaper agencies and media used fax to receive press releases and pictures from their reporters and sources.

Households: In households, the fax machine was used for personal and business communication, as well as for sending documents, for example when looking for a job.

With the advent of digital communication and electronic mail (e-mail), the use of faxes has become less common. Most modern communication needs are now done via e-mail, which is a faster, cheaper and more efficient way to transfer documents.


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