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float switch

A float switch is an electrical switch that is used to detect the level of liquid in a tank or containers. Its main function is to switch the electrical circuit based on the fluid level.

The operation of the float switch is simple. It consists of a float, which is placed on the surface of the liquid, and an electrical contact. When the fluid level is low, the float is down and the electrical contact remains open, meaning the circuit is broken and no current is flowing.

However, when the liquid level rises and reaches a certain value, the float rises and the electrical contact closes. This causes the circuit to close and current can circulate freely. In this way, the float switch signals that the liquid level has reached the desired value.

Float switches are often used in a variety of applications such as water pumps, dishwashers, aquariums, septic tanks, boilers and more. Their simplicity and reliability make float switches useful tools for monitoring and controlling liquid levels in a variety of situations.

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