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Fluoro rubber

Fluoro rubber (fluorinated rubber, FKM) or also known under trade names such as Viton. FKM is a special type of synthetic elastomer known for its high resistance to extreme temperatures, chemical aggressive substances and oils. This material is usually based on a fluorinated polymer structure that gives it its exceptional properties.

FKM (fluororubber) is used in many industrial applications where tightness, chemical resistance and resistance to high temperatures are required. Some advantages and uses of fluororubber (FKM) are:

High temperature resistance: FKM is able to withstand high temperatures up to 200-250°C, making it ideal for applications in elevated temperature environments.

Chemical resistance: FKM is resistant to many aggressive chemicals, including oils, solvents, acids and bases.

Tightness: Its properties of tightness and resistance to chemical substances make FKM a suitable material for the production of sealing elements, such as sealing rings, sealing collars and the like.

Application: FKM is used in many industries, including automotive, petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, aviation and others.

Different types: There are several types of FKM that have different properties and compositions to suit different application needs.

FKM is a more expensive material compared to other elastomers, but its properties are suitable for demanding applications where resistance to temperatures and chemicals is emphasized.

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