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Fluorosilicone rubber (FPM)

Fluorosilicone rubber (FPM) is a fluoropolymer material with a silicone base that has been modified with fluorine.

It is a special type of elastomer that is characterized by excellent resistance to various chemicals, oils, fuels and extreme temperatures. Due to its properties, it has a wide range of uses in various industries:

Automotive industry: FPM is often used in the engine and other vehicle components where there is high temperature and contact with oils and fuels.

Aerospace: Due to the extreme temperatures and aggressive chemical environments that can occur in aerospace missions, FPM is often used for seals and components.

Petrochemical industry: In refineries and chemical plants, FPM is used for sealing and insulation in equipment that comes into contact with chemicals and high temperatures.

Food Industry: In selected food manufacturing applications, FPM can be used for seals where resistance to various oils and greases is important.

Pharmaceutical industry: FPM is used in some parts of pharmaceutical equipment that come into contact with aggressive chemicals.

Medical industry: In medicine, FPM can be used for some medical devices and components that require resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents.

Electronics industry: In selected applications in electronics, FPM is used for insulation and sealing, for example in electronic devices operating at higher temperatures.

Powder coating and coating: FPM is also used in some coating and coating processes to provide a tight seal.

These are just some examples of the use of fluorosilicone rubber. Its properties make FPM an important material for applications where resistance to extreme conditions and aggressive chemicals is required.

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