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The manufacturer adheres to the Ecoefficiency motto, which actually means maximum efficiency, the lowest possible energy consumption and below-limit amount of harmful emissions with above-standard user comfort. The basis of success is the perfect design of the Geminox condensing boiler equipped with the most modern Siemens LMS control unit. Even the basic integrated control system is equipped with a function for easy expansion with alternative heat sources, for example, such as solar collectors, heat pumps, etc.


Thirty years of development and production of condensing technology, focused on only the best solutions from the very beginning, have brought the products to an excellent technical level. The current trend is not only technology itself, but top technologies that unconditionally respect our environment.



The unique technical solution guarantees the following 5 levels of fuel savings:
The first stage consists of condensation, when that part of the heat that escapes into the chimney with conventional boilers is used. This additionally obtained heat is used for pre-heating the return water from the heating system.
The second stage is the optimization of the combustion process in the entire performance range of the boiler. Thanks to a constant air/gas ratio, the patented circular burner with premixing of fuel (natural gas or propane) with air ensures maximum combustion efficiency with minimal harmful emissions.
The third stage is the adaptable equithermal regulation integrated in the control unit of the Siemens LMS boiler, which prevents unnecessary cooling of the walls of the building, optimizes thermal comfort in the house and increases the efficiency of the entire heating system. The connection of solar collectors offers extraordinary savings. The LMS control unit is ready to easily expand the heating system with other alternative sources.
The fourth stage is the intelligent control of the speed of the low-energy class A circulation pump. This function significantly lowers the temperature of the return water in transitional periods and thereby dramatically expands the range of use of condensation. The overall reduction in electricity consumption is also significant.
Priat, the most important level, is represented by a wide linear modulation, which enables uniform heating of the object without unnecessary cycling of the boiler. It is no secret that after 3/4 of the heating season, 15-50% of the boiler's nominal output is completely sufficient. All conventional boilers, where it is not possible to reduce the output to these values while maintaining the guaranteed efficiency, become significantly uneconomical for ¾ of the heating season. One of the strongest assets of THRs boilers is the ability to work with maximum efficiency and without cycling even during the most common external temperatures in the range of 5 - 15°C. This advantage is most evident in modern family houses. Today's new buildings usually have a heat loss of around 10 kW. According to the principles mentioned above and proven in practice, it is therefore necessary to achieve a starting power of the boiler of less than 3 kW for the normal operation of such a house. If this parameter is not met and the boiler is operated outside its working range, the so-called cycle. Standard boilers with a starting power of around 6-8 kW go through up to 40,000 such switching off and on per year. This number looks quite unbelievable, but after converting to heating days per year, it represents one start of the boiler every 10 minutes. But we know from practice that even minute intervals are no exception. A properly selected Geminox THRs condensing boiler will not show more than 4,000 starts per year. Even a layman must be clear what conclusion can be drawn from these data.
A unique feature of THRs condensing boilers is the possibility of changing their output range. An increase or decrease in the boiler's power range can be achieved by simply replacing an affordable burner and reprogramming the operating software. This innovative philosophy enables THRs condensing boilers to be operated optimally at all times. It does not force investors to make compromise purchases taking into account their future plans associated with increased requirements for heat preparation (extensions, heated swimming pools, winter gardens, etc.). In this way, a standardized degree of utilization in the range of 106-109% (PCI) is achieved in the entire modulated range. The result is 25-40% fuel savings compared to classic boilers.


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