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The company headquarters is located in Ivanka near the Danube (approx. 8 km from Bratislava). Construction of the production complex began in 1996. Today, assembly halls with an area of more than 1,000 m² are in operation, where production, warehouses and a shop are located. The complex also includes a two-story administrative building, which houses the training center, the sales department and the company's management. The philosophy of production of HAKL brand products is based on a sophisticated production process, from the initial idea of product usability, through design, production, to its reliable functionality. The established service network within Slovakia and trained sales support staff are the basis of the services we provide to our customers as standard.
Our experience with more than twenty years of sales tradition in Slovakia entitles us to state that the company HAKL has established a strong position on the market.

TÜV ISO 9001
Due to the strong emphasis on the quality and reliability of HAKL brand products, the management of the company decided to introduce the ISO quality management system in 2006. This standard precisely specifies the requirements of management processes in the company, it sets high criteria not only in the area of production, but also in terms of product sales and service. Each product is thus subjected to a strict output control test according to the German TÜV ISO 9001 certificate.

In accordance with the set guidelines, we are also constantly improving the area of ecology and the environment, which includes, for example, a product recycling program. The TÜV ISO 9001 certificate helped us more effectively apply our goals to the services and products provided.

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