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heating curve

The heating curve is a graphical representation of the relationship between the outside temperature and the temperature setting of the heating system. This concept is often used in central heating systems, where the room temperature is regulated according to outside conditions.


The heating curve is used to determine the optimal heating temperature that is maintained in the room depending on the current outside temperature. When the outside temperature is lower, the heating curve requires a higher heating temperature to achieve the desired temperature in the room. On the contrary, at higher outside temperatures, a lower heating temperature is required.

Setting the heating curve is important for achieving energy efficient and comfortable heating. If the heating curve is set correctly, optimal use of heat is ensured and energy consumption is minimized. It also enables quick and accurate response to changes in outside temperature and maintaining a stable temperature in the room.

The setting of the heating curve depends on various factors, such as the heat loss of the building, insulation properties, type of heating system and user preferences. Factors such as heating costs, comfort and preferred room temperature are often taken into account when setting it.

The heating curve can be represented as a linear graph or a mathematical function, where the horizontal axis is the outside temperature and the vertical axis is the heating temperature setting. It is important that the heating curve is properly calibrated and adapted to the specific conditions and requirements of the heating system.



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