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heavy metals

Heavy metals are metallic elements with increased density and weight that occur naturally in the earth. Some of them are essential for the normal functioning of organisms in very small amounts, such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese and others. However, in elevated concentrations, heavy metals can be toxic to the environment and to organisms, including humans.


Some heavy metals and their uses:

Lead (Pb): It was used in the past in paints, gasoline, lead pipes and other products. Today, its use is restricted due to its toxic effects on health.
Cadmium (Cd): Used in batteries, plastics and paints. Its presence in the environment can be toxic to plants and animals.
Cobalt (Co): It is an essential element for the production of cobalt alloys and is used in batteries, magnets and electronic devices.
Mercury (Hg): Used in thermometers, fluorescent lamps and other electronic devices. However, its steam vapors are toxic to humans.
Chromium (Cr): Used in various industrial applications such as electroplating. Some forms of chromium can be carcinogenic.

Uses and Risks: Some heavy metals have important uses in industry and technology. However, their excessive exposure or presence in the environment can have serious harmful effects. Soil, water and air pollution with heavy metals can negatively affect biodiversity, the health of plants and animals, including humans. Therefore, it is important to monitor their presence and implement measures to minimize their impact on the environment.

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