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HEWALEX has more than 30 years of experience.

What sets us apart is innovative production technology and care for the highest quality and efficiency of the products in our offer. We are constantly improving our products to meet the high expectations of our customers.

HEWALEX has been a leader among global producers and providers of renewable energy sources for many years. This mainly concerns the production of flat solar collectors, the production of which in the early 1990s brought about the dynamic development of the company.

Solar energy - highest efficiency, environmental protection, lowest cost, highest efficiency

Solar energy has been the fuel that powers our appliances and the source of our technological development since the very beginning. Solar energy enables solar collectors to supply cheap and clean heat and photovoltaic modules to produce electricity. Heat pumps work by using the heat that surrounds us wherever we are.

30 years of continuous development - from vision to leading manufacturer

HEWALEX was founded 30 years ago, long before the renewable energy market in Poland began to develop. We have a vision that in the future, traditional fuels should be replaced by clean, renewable energy - for reasons of economic efficiency and environmental protection. From the beginning, our priority was the production of high-quality and highly efficient solar thermal collectors, which we first sent to foreign, Western European markets. Today we have a special team of almost 200 qualified people and the experience we have gained over the years. We participate in various innovative investments and contribute to international research and development projects related to, for example, solar cooling of buildings.

A leading Polish manufacturer with a strong position in European markets

HEWALEX is the leader in Poland in the sale of solar thermal collectors as well as solar devices and heat pumps. According to the report of the IEO (Institute for Renewable Energy, which monitors the Polish solar energy market), HEWALEX is the first in the sale of solar thermal collectors. Our products are present and well known in most European countries, with a significant market share in some of them.

Innovative production technologies

The first solar collectors in Slovakia were produced in the late 1980s and early 1990s as non-series production. The development of technology and the growing needs of the market brought innovations and advanced production technologies. At HEWALEX, we adopt these technologies and create our own methods and devices. Our company was the first in Poland to introduce ultrasonic welding and laser welding.

Our offer at the beginning of the 90s - solar thermal collectors and solar systems

Our current offer

Our offer includes surface solar thermal collectors, vacuum solar thermal collectors, water heaters for hot drinking water, universal heaters ("combo" type) to support central heating, pumping units, regulators, monitoring systems, mounting kits for solar collectors, fittings and more solar devices. In addition, we offer heat pumps suitable for heating hot drinking water and heating buildings.

Innovative and research projects

We have many years of experience in the design and production of systems and equipment based on solar energy. We participate in research and development projects such as the SunCool project, which uses solar thermal collectors for cooling. Such a system was installed in an industrial plant in Karlstad, Sweden. 130 solar collectors with a nominal cooling capacity of 40 kW are characterized by a high COP efficiency of 10.6, which means that 1 kW of electricity produces 10.6 kW of cooling. The first year of operation shows that efficiency gains are possible. The collectors created within this project are a combination of surface and vacuum solar collectors that use the properties of lithium bromide in the cooling process. The collectors, as well as the complete laboratory platforms, were manufactured at our facility in Czechowice-Dziedzice.

More than 150,000 installations in Poland and abroad

Over the years, our products have been installed in various buildings: small houses, large apartment buildings, offices, hotels, industrial facilities, schools and universities, sports halls, swimming pools and many others. Solar thermal systems and heat pumps are used in both small and large heating systems.

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