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An IEC socket is a standardized type of electrical socket used for connecting electrical devices to the mains. These sockets have a specific design and are often used in professional and industrial applications. IEC stands for "International Electrotechnical Commission," the international commission that sets standards for electrical engineering.

Features of the IEC socket:

Standardized design: IEC sockets have a standardized design, which means they are manufactured according to well-defined standards. This standardization allows easy compatibility between different devices and sockets from different manufacturers.

Different sizes and types: There are several different types of IEC sockets, varying in size and function. For example, IEC C13 and C14 sockets are commonly used to connect electrical cables to computers and other devices.

Suitable for most countries: IEC sockets are compatible with a wide range of electrical voltages and frequencies, which means they can be used in most countries around the world.

Versatility: IEC receptacles are often used in industrial and commercial environments, as well as in computer and electronic applications. For example, computer power cables and monitor cables often use IEC sockets.

Safety: IEC sockets are designed with an emphasis on safety and resistance to overvoltages and overloads.

IEC sockets are an important part of electrical systems, and their standardized design allows easy replacement and connection of different electrical equipment in different environments. These sockets are commonly used in industry, information technology, telecommunications and other industries.

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