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Lighting or illuminance can be:

intensity of lighting
the state of the object on which the light falls (characterized by the intensity of the illumination, the direction of the light incidence, the degree of light dispersion, the color of the light, etc.), i.e. the result of the illumination


Lighting can also be:

use of light to achieve visibility, imperfect vision: illumination
A source of light or a device or a collection of means that give light
in descriptive geometry: a method in which the so-called illuminated and non-illuminated parts of the displayed shapes,
from photography: the effect of light on the subject of the image,
in painting: the impact of light captured by the artist on the painting,


light (other names: light radiation, light radiation; like waves: light ripples/waves; also part of the electromagnetic spectrum: light spectrum, light band) can be:

visible light
optical circuitry and wireless circuit (i.e. ultraviolet circuitry + video surveillance + infrared circuitry)
rarely: optical fluorescence + roentgen fluorescence
(any) electromagnetic radiation
Light can also be:

Light source, lamp, lamp

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