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  • Isolation (or, in some senses, isolation) can be:

    separation, separation
    in construction and technology:
    device or practical measure protecting something against unwanted influences, interventions (thermal changes (heat, cold), humidity, water, sound, noise, fire, aggressive substances, vibrations, air ingress, etc.), see e.g. thermal insulation, moisture insulation, noise insulation, cold insulation, sound insulation, crystalline concrete insulation, fireproof insulation, shockproof insulation
    activity with the aim of protecting something against unwanted influences, interventions and the like (especially by applying the above-mentioned devices)
    in electrical engineering:
    cover protecting the conductor, see insulation (electrical engineering)
    short for integrated circuit isolation
    in computer science: one of the properties of databases, see isolation (database)
    in chemistry: separation of a substance from a group of substances/mixture, see isolation (chemistry)
    in biology:
    physical isolation (acquisition) of the infectious agent, see isolation (separation of the infectious agent)
    in microbiology: selection of a group of cells under aseptic conditions and its propagation on artificial culture media, see isolation (cell propagation)
    in zoology: spatial separation of a population of animals from other members of the species, see isolation (zoology)
    in botany and genetics: protection against unwanted crossing, see isolation (non-crossing)
    in genetics: one of the factors of speciation, see isolation (speciation)
    in medicine: (a measure to) separate the dangerously ill from the rest of the population or respective separate space/room/building, synonym: separation, (space also) isolation room, see separation (sick)
    in prison: separate space/room/building for the separation and isolation of prisoners, synonym: separation, solitary confinement, see separation (prisoners)
    in psychology:
    social separation of an individual from other people, leading to experiencing a feeling of loneliness, see isolation (psychology)
    in psychoanalysis: a form of defense mechanism, see isolation (psychoanalysis)
    in sociology: abbreviated social isolation (absence of contact with people, especially with those to whom the individual attributes social significance)
    in politics (especially about the state): not having an ally and/or not being a participant in any international groups, see also isolationism

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