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Liquefied gas (LPG)


Liquefied gas (LPG) is a fuel in the form of a liquefied mixture of butane and propane. It is a highly energetic and economically advantageous fuel, which is also used for heating. :

Liquefied gas is created by compressing natural gas into liquid form. This process reduces the volume of the gas and allows it to be stored and transported in liquid form in pressure vessels. Liquefied gas has a high energy density and high energy content, which makes it a powerful fuel for heating.

LPG can be used in various heating systems. One of the most common ways is a gas heater, which works by burning liquefied gas to produce heat. These heaters can be portable or permanently installed and provide efficient heating for houses, cottages or rooms that are not connected to the gas network. In addition, liquefied gas can also be used in combined heating systems that include gas boilers or gas radiators.

Heating with liquefied gas has several advantages. It is a clean fuel that produces fewer emissions and pollutants compared to some other fossil fuels. Liquefied gas is also flexible and portable, which allows its use even in areas where the gas network is not available. It has high performance and fast reaction times, which allows for fast and efficient heating.

However, when using liquefied gas, it is important to follow safety instructions and have gas systems regularly checked by experts.

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