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magnesium anode

The magnesium anode protects the internal environment of the tank against galvanic corrosion. By default, the anode lasts for one year, but in practice it depends on several circumstances, so we recommend checking the anode regularly.
All water tanks have a magnesium anode installed as standard. The magnesium anode mounted in stainless steel tanks is designed to protect the entire system from galvanic corrosion.

In the electrolyte environment, different materials touch each other and thus create a galvanic reaction, and the less noble metal (anode) thus corrodes. In that case, the remaining material is the cathode and therefore does not corrode or corrodes very slowly. When stainless steel is in contact with copper, the stainless steel is the cathode, so it can cause corrosion of the copper sleeves. This is prevented by introducing more anodic material, in our case magnesium, which will form an electrochemical reaction with the stainless steel and corrode faster than copper, thus protecting the copper sleeves.

The condition of the magnesium anode should therefore be regularly checked and the anode replaced.

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