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Apple MagSafe works on the basis of magnets that magnetically attach to the device. First seen on the MacBook Pro in 2006, it provides a secure connection to the laptop's power port while also being easy to disconnect, preventing the MacBook from crashing if someone trips over the power cord. In 2020, Apple revealed that the iPhone 12 will support MagSafe charging, but in a slightly different form. Instead of using a magnetic cable, the iPhone 12 has a magnet on the back of the phone that allows it to connect to a charging dock. With MagSafe, this is a revolutionary step and apparently it is also a harbinger of the fact that Apple is going to definitively kill the lightning port and this is the beginning of its end...

What makes MagSafe?


We will show you what parts make up MagSafe. There is a copper graphite shield, magnet array, polycarbonate cover, charging coil, electronic shield and NFC components. At the center of it all is an alignment magnet that ensures the charger is in the optimal location for maximum charging efficiency.

MagSafe Powerbank


The MagSafe wireless charger is designed to charge your iPhone 12 and up quickly and safely. Charging takes place automatically, so you don't have to turn it on or off. The system intelligently adapts to conditions to optimize device charging at a maximum output of up to 15W for faster wireless charging.

Connecting the MagSafe battery is quick. Its compact, intuitive design makes charging on the go easy. Perfectly aligned magnets attach it to the phone.

MagSafe charger

Place the iPhone screen-up in the center of the iPhone charging pad. On iPhone 12 and newer models, magnets will help with the correct placement of the iPhone on the charger. When the iPhone starts charging, the charging symbol will light up. On other models, the battery charging indicator will appear after the iPhone is correctly placed on the charging surface. If iPhone is not in silent mode, a beep will sound when charging begins. If the iPhone is placed in a thick case, remove the case before placing the iPhone on the MagSafe charger. However, a classic rubber or silicone case does not pose a problem for him, and charging proceeds smoothly.


With the MagSafe charger, you charge the iPhone 12 from zero to 50 percent in about an hour, which is twice the time it takes to charge with a USB-C / Lightning cable with a 20W power adapter.

MagSafe cases
Everyone knows the protective case, it gives your phone a new look and it is also a guarantee of durability and protects the phone from breaking. However, there are also MagSafe cases that are directly designed and fully compatible with MagSafe products. Of course, charging is possible without removing the case. MagSafe cases and cases contain magnets that help position the iPhone in the correct position when attached to chargers, external batteries and MagSafe wallets. Using the MagSade charger with older iPhones will of course be possible, but the charging performance will not be as strong as the iPhone 12 and above.


MagSafe wallet

The wallet is made for iPhone models with MagSafe. Using magnets, it attaches directly to the back of your iPhone or to an iPhone case with MagSafe. Works with leather or silicone iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 cases. Most wallets allow you to store 3 cards or some cash.

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