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  • The membrane can be:

    generally: a thin elastic membrane or disc
    in biology:
    a thin membrane with a delimiting or separating function
    biological membrane
    cytoplasmic membrane
    in engineering, physics and chemistry:
    selectively permeable membrane for separation of mixtures (e.g. by dialysis, ultrafiltration) and similar purposes, see membrane (chemistry)
    in announcement technology: a thin plate (or paper cone) that transmits sound waves on an electrical device in an electroacoustic transducer (e.g. in a microphone or loudspeaker), see diaphragm (sound technology)
    diaphragm pump, see under diaphragm pump
    in superstring theory etc.: 2-brane, i.e. a special p-brane with two spatial dimensions, see membrane (superstring theory)
    in construction: abbreviated: building membrane

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