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Metallic tape

Metallic tape, also known as metallic tape, is a thin strip of metallic material, often aluminum or lead, with an adhesive layer on one side. This tape has various uses in various industries due to its properties and capabilities.

Metalická páska - pre spájanie fólií - 55mmx50m  IVAR.FRP

Use of metallic tape:

Insulation and sealing: Metallic tape is often used to insulate and seal various surfaces and joints. It can be used to seal cracks and gaps in walls, windows, doors and other surfaces.

Protection against heat and sound: Metallic tape is used to reflect heat and sound. It can be installed around pipes, tubes, cables and other areas to provide thermal and sound insulation.

Electrical and Electronic Applications: Metallic tape is used to create an electromagnetic seal and shield against electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electronic devices and circuits.

Bond Extension: In some cases, metallic tape is used to create a joint or connection between different surfaces or components.

Moisture protection: Waterproof metal tape can be used to protect against moisture and water. It is often used in the repair of roof and facade joints.

Advantages of metallic tape:

Heat and light reflection: The metallic finish on the tape can reflect heat and light, making it suitable for use in thermal insulation.

Electromagnetic Interference Shielding: When used properly, metallic tape can provide shielding against EMI in electronic equipment.

Simple application: Metallic tape is relatively easy to use and adapt to different surfaces.

Heat and chemical resistance: Depending on the material and type, metallic tape can withstand high temperatures, chemicals and weathering.

It is important to choose the right type of metallic tape depending on the specific use and needs, as there are many different variants that can differ in material, width, pressure and other properties.

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